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any tips for 16sq


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Square or just above to the breeze downwind. Traveller about 6 inches from the end of the beam. Outhaul car on the main right out. Both dagger boards up plus one rudder to reduce drag and lighten the steering. Down haul off. Rotate mast to 90 degress. Sheet main on until telltales flow. The main thing is to concentrate on steering and try to keep working deep as possible without stauling.

Hope this helps works for me.

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Your boat will have a wind speed where it is faster to sail strait off the wind.

For some cats they never go faster on the tack downhill.

Hydra for example needs 7/8 knotts to be faster than strait down wind and goodwinged.

You have a boomless rig so this maybe different but if you can get the sail right out there....

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