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Catsailor.net newsletter???


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I have to ask myself, is this for my benefit? seems odd that there is so much heated debate in the forums regarding this comparison, then this comes up.. coincedence??

Why would you pay more for a boat that weighs more and is smaller - this is the question that many sailors are asking with the introduction of the nacra F18 and now the capricorn. Below is a table showing the various specifications and shows that some of the stories going around about small sails and heavy boats are not true.

p.s. I thought we agreed the australian nacra 5.8 was 160kilo's and before anyone says - oh mister that includes the kite, a kite kit dont wiegh 21 kilos, unless its full of water.

Length Width Weight Main Jib Kite Mast

Nacra 5.8 5.79m 2.44m 181Kg with Kite 22.39sq m 21sq m 9.32m

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Greetings again hood, I have just read your post and must admit to being a little confused.

Is the stuff in BOLD print an excerpt from another forum ?

seems the stats quoted are once again the american ones eh ?

cheers smile.gif

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I was taking the nacra 5.8 as weighing 165Kg and the kite kit with snuffer weighing 15Kg

I am weighing a 1608 and 1601 boat in the next week and will post the results with and without the kite.



P.S. The point of the newsletter is to generate responses

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