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Nacra F18 versus Turtle. Nacra looses!


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Yesterday we were unfortunate enough to hit a turtle while going fairly quickly on the F18 out on Morton bay.

We were just heading out of One mile leads on Stradbroke island when we struck the turtle with one of the dagger boards. The dagger board basically disintegrated on impact just below the hull. I didn't even see the turtle, just felt this aweful bang and looked over the side of the boat to see the port side dagger board pointing out at a right angle from under the boat. (Not sure about the fate of the turtle).

Anyway after checking and having a feel around under the boat to make sure there wasn't a gaping hole there somewhere we continued sailing for the afternoon without incident.

When I got back home I checked inside the port side hull and found there was about 6 litres of water on board, so I had a closer look at the dagger board casing today, and it looks like I might have a hair line crack in the aft end of casing as well.

So it looks like another call to RACQ tomorrow, and another trip to BCC for some repairs.

Turtles ... there natures floating rocks!

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I beat you to the turtle hitting on morton bay.

2003 QLD Hobie 16 States out of RQ. Going up wind in 12knts i saw a black round shadow appear close to the surface. I hit it with the port rudder (thank god EPO blades are indestructable, most notably used as car ramps...) absolutely no damage to the blade either. All it did was kick the blade up.

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two years ago at the nationals at RQ Dave Jorgensen smashed one of his 5.8 centerboards to pieces on a turtle just inside Green Island ,opened it up like a banana.

I've been real lucky ,once when sailing the 5.8 over to the Sandhills on Moreton Island we flew straight over the top (between the hulls) of a hhhhuuuuuggggeeeee turtle would have been over a meter round

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I can remember a Hydra (back in the early '80's, at a State Titles, i think) on screaming reach in about 20kn+ hitting a turtle... Turtle 1, Hydra 0...

Opened up the Starboard bow straight down the centreline almost to the main beam, rig over the side and popped the deck off in the process (it was one of the early imported English boats)... Very messy, very expensive but in hind-sight, piss funny.

As bow dipped with gust and wave, turtle surfaced, (they reckon it was over 4 feet long on the shell and a couple of hundred pounds of impenetrable yet mobile marine rock)...

The husband and particularly the wife (crewing on the wire at the time) had EYES LIKE SAUCERS for months afterwards... seeing turtles in their sleep.


Leroy wink.gif

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