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Reinvent the 5.2 - 16sq with jib


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Hi Guys,

I have a 16SQ and love it. Like many others I came to it due to crew problems off a 5.0. Sometimes my kids do still want to come sailing with me (even race... when they do not want the car keys or my visa card!).

The old 5.2 was good in its day.. what about putting a jib on the 16SQ and having it as a single or two man boat. Sloop or cat rig may be great.



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Before buying a 16sq I tossed up buying a Tinpan for exactly that reason. I spoke to Rosco about a 16sq super sports but was not warmly received (concerns about further diluting the class by introduction of a new category). There is also the issue of tang placement and extra strength in the bows, because as you know the tangs are on the inside of the hulls on the two man boats. Perhaps a foil that was wide enough to go to tangs on the outside would provide a solution.

I have since moved on to a 5.0 (which I own in half shares with a mate) and we have times where the boat sits idle at the club because one of us can't sail. In that case the versatility to sail one up would be nice.

I must say that I like the 5.0 the best, and I have sailed 14sq, 16sq and 5.8 (5.8 was fun but so is the 5.0).

An interesting solution is the Inter 17, which is probably the most versatile Nacra. It can be sailed one up cat rigged, two up sloop rigged and with kite. I did the first great race on it with Rosco and it was a very nice boat to sail. The problem with it is the lack of competitors, and in that regard the point Bris Cat Centre makes about the dilution of the 16 sq class is valid.

I think you ought to get another 5.0 and threaten your kids with exclusion from the will if they refuse to sail (you could be fair about it and draw up a roster). You should then take it to Bunbury for the Nationals. I am sure Paul, Claire, Colin, Steve and Rosco would agree.



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Sadly I sold my 5.0 to go to the 16sq. I am 90kg and so cannot competively carry a crew old enough to swim!

As for the kids, forget the will. One day I mentioned the fact when I have grandchilden I will be spoil them rotten - anything red to eat is great - and then send them home as sweet revenge. My oldest son, as quick as can be, came back with... yes dad, but do not forget who is choosing your nursing home when you get old!

I did sail my old 5.0 one up a few times but it is quite a wieght to get up the ramp one up. Logistics on shore made it difficult.

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