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Leapin Leroy

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Howdy All,

The physio is going well on the ankles (thanks for asking), and the tax man has a wry smile on his dial....

Is anyone going to Townsville with a "one-up" trailer???

I have sold my 3 meter Tri to a guy up there and am trying to save him some transport costs... He is prepared to pay A COUPLE OF CASES OF BUNDY CANS... for your trouble... Can anyone assist???

The boat is in pieces (only main hull, one outrigger, 2 beams and 1 old carbon windsurfer mast) I figure it will fit neatly on top of the main and rear beams, i can deliver to you and provide all the ropes & packing.... I had a couple of early options but they seem to have faded away.

Any takers?

Thanks & Regards,

Leroy wink.gif

(0412) 339-552

Eddited four smellin' pistakes.

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