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Nacra 16 square information

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I have the chance to borrow a 16 sq for a while,And some info would be nice on a couple of questions??

When sailing upwind,do you sail them like a 14sq,pointing wise??

With the spreaders are they set so there is no prebend in the mast(i weigh 86kgs)and no rake??

I read in an earlier post that the outhaul should be set above or slightly forward of the rear beam??

It probably won't make the boat go any better as i feel it'll be the nut holding the tiller that'll slow it down,but any info might help

Thanks Richard

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Hi Richard,

Yes you sail the boat to windward light you sail the 14sq. Regarding the spreaders,keep them fairly straight with little or no sprerader rake.

Most 16sq sailors do not use pre bend in there masts. Just firm and when the wind gets up you let them off.

The out hall just behind a little screw on the track.

But most important is just go out and sail the boat and get the feel for them. They can be a oiwer full sailing boat.


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Thanks Leon

For the information,Not having sailed the 16 before,It would be nice to get the boat in the ball park,Then it'll be down to me tostuff it up.I have heard they are a power full boat to sail,but i'm sort of thinking i have now outgrown the 14 (weight wise )and it might be time to go a 16 and it's nice to try before you buy

Thanks again Richard

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Hi Richard,

The 16 sq will be a good boat to handly your weight. Plenty of bouyancy.

There are People up in QLD that are simular weight and have no trouble sailing the boat in all conditions.

What boat have you managed to have a test sail on. Sail no.

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