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Nacra 5.0 for sale


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Hello everyone.

Rhumb Chums is for sale. For those of you who do not know her, Nacra 5.0 sail number 2206, April 2007 build, spinnaker kit, full cover, all the bells and whistles.

Still discussing price and will post that soon. I will post that in the next day or so, but if you can't wait that long make us an offer.

Goose, do you have anyone in WA looking to buy a good late model boat?

I want to go back to the 16sq brigade. Leon, is your boat still for sale?



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I just bought Leon's 16sq. Sorry dude, I don't know of any old 5.0s lying around to send.

PS. I would be happier to crew for someone over there than send the 16 over. If you can find a local with a 5.0 I will sail with them. Heck, I will sail on anything with anybody except Mick Guinea.

PPS. Don't tell Mick or Wazza because they are already cross with me.

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