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Crew for the Nationals


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i may be looking for crew yet, but you have to be able to drink piss all night and will be required to have at least one beer before a morning race and three before an afternoon race. also i don't realy like to touch any ropes on my boat, so crew will need to use jib,main,downhall,rotation,barba hauls,rudders ropes and get the daggers up and down. also may be required to fetch beers from beer bag.

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My repertoire includes both beer and rum. I especially enjoy them (both) before sailing.

I only use big words on the internet (I can't pronounce repertiore properly).

I like ropes and all that stuff.

I have seen your boat before. I remember commenting to you at the Nationals at Kurnell how innovative those foam stubby holders taped (or zip tied) to the shrouds were.

Looks like Goose has banned us from playing together. Its his party and he'll cry if he wants to.

Regardless see you in Bunbury.


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