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Sailing Instructions Assistance

dryzabone 644

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Hi All,

Will an additional set of sailing instructions be issued for the SEQ Nacra States? If so, I'd like to get a copy.

After the kerfuffel involving our State Titles, I'm interested to see what the other States are doing in regards to their Sailing Instructions.

Or, if someone has a copy of the Sailing Instructions issued for the Nationals, that would also be great.

Please email to uhmbnacra@optusnet.com.au

To cut a long story short, the sailing instructions issued for the regatta didn't cut the mustard in a couple of areas, and some issues would have been avoided if the NSW Nacra Assoc. had issued additional instructions for our sailors in regards to our event (the instructions weren't the only source of problems).

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



NSW Nacra Assoc.

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