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WA Camping & Sailing locations??


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Hi all,

I have been living under a rock with my 5.0 in Perth now for 10 years and as my kids are now at age where I can comfortably take them out, I am wanting to get me and the family more active in sailing... But the missus hates the time it takes to get out on the water and pack up at the end of the day.

Does anyone know of camping spots in WA where you can also sail a Cat without the need to pack it up at the end of each day?

I used to live in Brisbane and loved Camping & sailing at Wivenhoe Dam and want to do something similar here in the West.

Any Suggestions??

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Hi, There are some great places in WA to camp and sail.

In Bunbury you can camp accross the road from the sailing club, rig your boat at club and leave it on the grass.

Seista Park in Busso has beah access or any of the community /church camp ground in Busso, they do not charge much but offer basic facilities.

Inland I am pretty sure you can sail on Welligton Dam which means camping at Potters Gorge.is a little rocky on beach so take your wheels.

Logue brrok is again open to the puplic but you have to compete with power boats.

Augusta has a caravan park on the inlet where you can launch and sail from.

hope this is helpfull


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