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this year

yarra bay

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My understanding is that Foster won't be part of the SS as it clashes with a regatta held at Windamere dam.

reckon we could round up a few 5.8's from Speers and Mannering park, awesome sailing at Foster last year.

Speers point will be releasing it's sailing program after the AGM on the 16th August. It is quite handy as it show's the forward planning of the Nacras and the F18's. See you on the water!!!!

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well it would be good to see you guys up there at Foster its way a better place to run and sail the SS so what is the list of place for the SS this year? is there one in sydney? i think kurnell might be the place for it as we have this construction of some shit there putting in the bay at yarra so not a good place at the moment ayway see you guys at foster

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Hi All,

Here are the rounds for this season's NSW Super Series.

Speers Point - 24/25 Oct

Wallerawang - 14/15 Nov

Lake Illawarra - 28/29 Nov

Mannering Park - 23/24 Jan

Kurnell - 28th Feb

South West Rocks - To be confirmed

The State Titles will be held on Lake Illawarra 28/29 Nov.


NSW Nacra Assoc

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not sure what regatta you are refering to yarra boy. the super series has now been set and all but one date confirmed and that is the south west rocks regatta in march.

we have two in newcastle, one in sydney, one in the gong, one in the country and one in the mid north coast. six rounds in all which one is also the state titles. scoring and rules will be posted before the start of the series.

should be heaps of fun and i look forward to seeing every body again on the water.

cheers rev

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i am happy to look at anyone's idea's for a scoring system. it's needs to promote boats on the water and fair competition. if any one would like to send me a draft of how they think it could work please do so martinhbds@bigpond.com

your draft should contain all dates,rounds,scoring for older boats, scoring for DNS DNF DNE, drops, points for boats and or skipper,etc. please don't send me a one sentance document. it will only waste my time deleating it.

mitch is working on a new scoring system at the moment so anyone thinking that they have a good system, you need to get it to me now.

cheers rev

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Hi Rev,

Rather than send it to your email address, I thought it best to put my idea out for comment as I was probably the most vocal about the scoring system last year. That was mainly because noone had any idea on how it worked except a limited few.

Anyway my ideas are below;

The scoring should be as simple as possible so the results can be known at the end of the regatta.

The simplest way is to take your overall result of each regatta. So if you won the regatta, you are scored a 1, if you got second overall you get a 2 and so on for the rest of the regattas in the series. Then there is one drop regatta.

That way we encourage people to attend all regattas. We also won't have guys showing up for one day that the super series counts and then pissing off early and not supporting the regatta and the club that hosted it.

There should be no other scoring for older boats. We all sail the same one design boat and need to encourage people to buy new boats so we have more good second hand boats on the market.

If we want to give an oportunity to guys in the middle of the fleet, we could run a handicap scoring system. I takes a bit of mucking around in a series such as this but we did it in the Hobie Super Series, when i was on the committee and it worked well. But i think my next suggestion is probably a better idea.

What would work the best, is to race in teams such as in areas or regions and take the top 5 boats from each area or the maximum number of competitors in the smallest area's group. E.g. Sydney vs Central Coast vs North Coast or what ever works best. Then start up a perpetual trophy for the region winners. That way even the guys at the back of the fleet can be involved in a winning team.

I think this would also be good at the Nationals and have state vs state.

Let me know your thoughts on all of my suggestions.

Cheers Grant.

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Scoring last year was based on ISAF Appendix A, with the exception of:

The definition of DNS, which extended the starting area to the beach, and;

The addition of a DNA (Did Not Attend) score to differentiate between a boat that showed up but missed a race due to repairs and a boat that did not show up at all.

The States were scored at half points for the Super Series to ensure that they counted towards the total (because the larger number of boats would mean that round became the dropped round for most boats).

At the moment, I am intending that the scoring will be the same, but keeping with requests to keep it simple:

The states will be scored the same as other Super Series rounds.

Just to address some points already raised:

Showing up to a regatta, paying full race fees, buying food and drink, socialising and helping out all probably count sufficiently towards supporting host clubs. By keeping each round to the first four races of the weekend, each regatta remains equal within the series whilst enabling people to travel home on the Sunday if they need or want to.

If we were to base scores on the whole regatta instead of individual races, two bad races (from thirty odd) could cost a boat two regattas (from six) and from there the series.

All boats are scored equally, we just award trophies for the highest placed older boats.

Skippers don't sail a slower boat because they want to ... if they don't get at least a small incentive to join in, we may not see them at all. If you'd like to see them in newer boats, convince the current owners to sell them cheaper.

Introducing a handicap system works against keeping it simple.

The idea of a state vs state is a good idea at the nationals, but looks unworkable at a state level ... at the moment, the NSW South Coast has one regular boat in the Super Series.

I don't want to stop discussion on the topics, so if there are any counter points to my thinking, lets hear them please.


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the point system will have a few change's in it for this year as mitch works out the finer details. in a nut shell it looks like 6 rounds of 4 races, with 6 drop races. with the exception of abandon races by clubs and KCC only three races, SWR 1st day of racing only to count so we can have the presentation that sat night.

older boats with sail numbers under 1500 will have trophies awarded as well.

and as a point of interest which some of the newer sailers to this series may not know. most of the people sailing in the later sail number boats started sailing in the older boats then up graded.

we would not have any where near the number of newer boats in the fleet now if we didn't have the old boat trophy.

ps mitch has been doing a good job with the scoring of the super series over the last couple of years, it is a lot harder job than you think to work it out and also write the rules and system. posting an opinion is not the same as working out the nuts and bolts and putting it down on paper. i know, i did it for the 1st two years.

cheers rev (see you on the water)

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I know how hard it is working on the committee as I was on the Hobie committee for several years and was the scorer as well, so I appreciate the effort you guys put in.

But to be blunt. I don't know why you asked for comments when everything is the same as last year and you haven't taken on board anyone's input. Or anyone's input/complaints from last year.

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Hi Grant,

The committee has certainly been taking note of all that's been put to us over the previous few seasons as to how to improve the Super Series and the number of Nacras around the joint.

Something to bear in mind, is that we have had many times more good things said to us about how things have been run over anything else we have heard, read or anybody has said to us.

What I'm getting to is that we do listen, and if an idea will make life easier and improve the number and quality of Nacra sailors in NSW, whilst supporting as many clubs as we can then we will try to integrate it into the way things are run.

And as before, if anyone has any counter points to what I have written, please let me have it.


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to be blunt grant,

i don't think your idea's will work better. it's not that we haven't evaluated them. they have merit but there are more sailer's than just yourself that have ideas, most of the others however send them via private email. you may notice that we have made changes to the series this year based on feed back from nacra sailers. 1 we have a round in sydney (which was sort after by yourself Grant), two we have an extra round to include SWR.

three we changed the scoring system in relation to points and drops,4 we have four desinated measures to be at all events.

if you have been on a committee grant then you must know that it is imposible to please everybody all of the time. all you can hope for is to please most of the people most of the time. and by looking at how the nacra fleet is growing in NSW i think that we are doing OK.

cheers and see you on the water.


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