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mudda fink i ken

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Hi there,

I passed the query on received and encouraging reply from Martin Horder martinhbds@bigpond.com of the NSW Nacra Association:

"the class is great and growing and we are by no means an exclusive class....

attached is the dates for the super series please feel free to pass them on"

Wang Regatta, 14/15 Nov, 4 races, canteen, free camping

State Titles; 28/29 Nov, 4 - 6 race regatta, canteen, bar

* This is held as part of the Kembla Kat Klassic, where upwards of 60 boats are expected; see discussion at: http://www.catsailor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum3/HTML/000307.html

Nacra Nationals; Qld (Hervey Bay?), 2-8 Jan, 10 races

Mannering park Regatta, 23/24 Jan, 4 - 6 radces, canteen, bar

KCC (Kogarah?), 28 Feb, 2 short races, 1 marathon race, canteen, bar

* Kurnell. See: http://www.kcc.asn.au/

South-west rocks, 4 - 6 races

If anyone out there has 'webmaster' skills and would like to help the association out, I strongly suggest contacting martin or the statwe secretary, & offer to help make the NSW Nacra website available to the public (get rid of the login, update content...)

sorry for butting in, good luck!

Tony Hastings

Paper Tiger 2901 "Tigerdelic"

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Guys, as noted previously Nacraxtreme is more than happy to provide and maintain a website for the NSW Nacra Association.

This website can be configured to suite any users needs and can been seen at the followinf link.


This also includes the online regatta manager.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.


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I passed your email on to mitch as well tony, and he is hoping to get that website sorted in the next couple of weeks as he has some time off work at the moment. i am not up on that technical stuff but i think most of the problem has been that we can't even get onto the site either. he will proberly sort something out with james.

cheers martin

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