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My first Nacra


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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and im 27. I have just bought myself my first Nacra and thought I should make myself known before I see you guys on the water. I should be taking up delivery of my 5.8 on the 13th of November. Some of you may know the boat I am getting as "blue bows" but as you know it is now black so I will probably rename it. I have not sailed for about 8 years and the last time I did it was on my dad’s tornado which I never raced on. I only sailed it about 5 times before it started falling apart. Before that about another 5 years when I raced on hobie 16s. This is no doubt going to be a massive challenge for me but I am really looking forward to it. I am going to be racing with my wife Shereen whom has never sailed before so it’s going to be some time before we are competitive at all. We will be sailing out of Speers Point sailing club starting in a few weeks once I get her (and myself) up to speed with the basics. I am looking forward to racing again and I will catch you all on the water soon I guess.

Cheers, Andrew.

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Originally posted by mitchlb44:

Welcome back to cat sailing!

DONT GO OUT IN OVER 10KTS FIRST TIME.... or your wife may never sail again!!!!


Yeah thanks for the heads up. if she cant handle it i have others lined up who ive sailed with before. I just want her to have the opportunity to se if she likes it and can handle it.

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