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thanks for the fantastic dvd darryl

It really hit the spot especially after a hard days work and a couple of coldies.

is that a nacra 5.4 that you blaze around the mark?

have you tried any other sizes of kite on it or is the asymetrical in the video the 'production' size?

I would really love to get over for a test sail one day wink.gif

p.s. great choice of music too btw smile.gif

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It's a 5.8 NACRA, and that spinnaker is probably the "production" one, although, being a formula, any spinnaker is OK just as long as it fits within the "box rule".

The box rule allows a larger spinnaker but "contrary to popular belief" I don't think that "bigger is always better" particularly in this case. This kite gives us very great versitility, easy set and retrieve, the ability to sail high with it as well as low, all of which seem to add up to more than you get out of a larger "deeper' spinnaker.

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I totally agree.

When I sailed on the 18 footers the designers of the sails used to just think that they would make everything bigger, make the wings wider for more leverage and you would go faster.

Sometimes this worked and I once sailed in Brisbane in the Nationals on a boat called Bradmill and we had the wings measuring tip to tip 28 feet, with a 49 foot mast and three of us having to run at every tack.

Very fast in the flat conditions. Very slow in the lumpy.

The spinnakers were all different sizes and we often used the number 3 on the number 2 rig as it made us faster, even though it was much smaller.

Go figure.

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