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F16 Global Challenge

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Hi all,

F16 inaugural Global Challenge (Worlds) has started.

Results and more can be found here. www.f16worlds.zandvoortonline.com/

Marcus on the Formula Catamarans Australia Blade has started well, 3rd. after 2 races. Great to see Blades making up a large part of the entries, a great Aussie design, built and sailed all over the World.

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Originally posted by xmatelot:


4 cat rigged,4 sloop,3DNF,1DNS.

Global?, World?

Wouter 10 minutes behind,what is happening.

pete smile.gif

Every class has to start somewhere. It's not bad for a first try, at least 5 countries are represented, I have seen world titles claimed with less than that. I did put worlds in brackets more as a explanation of what was trying to be achieved, it is not being claimed as a official world championships.

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Hi Gary,

I was not knocking the class, if I remember correctly , the hobie alter challenge was sailed with Blades, I was making a comment on "Wouter Hijinks" performance ,(is that his real name, or a "nom de plume),he seemed to think he was the F16 guru,he may come good in the rest of the regatta, and I will have to eat humble pie .

All classes start off in a small way, (unless you have enough push to have them as an Olympic class )

pete smile.gif

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