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Blade sails open Div. Vic Taipan Titles

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Hi all,

Full results here. www.mmyc.yachting.org.au/site/yachting/mmyc/downloads/Results/taipan%20states.pdf

Firstly thank you to the Taipans and Greg for making me welcome. As you can see I raced with 3 Capricorns, 2 Taipan 5.7 Spin and one Taipan 5.7, why because I had the chance to trial a big head Goodall sail which was actualy designed for a Taipan, but fitted the Blade OK despite being a bit long on the boom and to look at others sails like Ashby Taipan big head and tune my boat and myself and pump the best cat rig Taipan sailors in OZ for tuning info .

All races where 3 laps windward and returns. First race water flat, wind steady 8 knots, FCA Blade was hot from the start battling with Greg and Chris the 2 best Capricorns, FCA Blade was able to fly a hull upwind with me sitting in middle, while Caps where stuck on both hulls This gave me better height and speed upwind and even though Caps flew hull down wind with crew on leeward side I was able to get a little better VMG going deeper sitting in. After first 2 laps I shook of Caps for a clear win .

Second and third race consistant 5 knots, couldn't fly hull upwind , occasionaly flew hull down wind, speed difference was negligible with Capricorns, but I made many mistakes, poor starts and hit mark , but managed to beat Chris to place second in second race and pipped Greg after pressuring up and coming from well behind on trap with kite up on last leg, while he was trying to pass Chris to get second in third race.

Fourth race 15 knots and .5m lumpy sea. This is what I had come to tune in, after Chris and I where recalled at start, Greg had bolted and Chris pulled away but I was able to hang on to the third Cap and Taipan 5.7's enough upwind that my extra speed and better angles downwind allowed me to pass them, The FCA Blade handled the lumpy conditions well and the Goodall Bighead main gave me the power and speed, whichever I needed to be competitive. So I finished a distant third to Greg and Chris with third Cap just behind and 5.7's behind them.

Fifth race, a little lighter 12 to 15knots lumpy seas, Greg and Chris took of again but again I was able to hang around the third Cap and 5.7's for 2 laps, but I broke my Spin sheet tidying loop on the clew of the spinnaker whilst in fourth place, this allowed the return chord to be so long it wrapped around end of pole on gybe drop and I was stuck trying to get it down well past the leeward mark, so with another race to come imediatly after, I decided to retire and fix it properly.

Sixth race started well around 12 knots, top mark not so far behind Chris and Greg mixing it with the rest, bottom mark good drop just behind third Cap but the sidestay adjuster pin came out and the mast came down . Thankfully no big damage all OK.

Despite the bad end a great weekend was had, with the Taipan sailors all very friendly and I learnt alot. The FCA Blade made some good impressions, but I was not there to convert anybody, although Gordon (current F16 State Challenge Trophy holder)and I did take the opportunity to encourage some to use spinnakers more often, like the up coming F16 Challenge.

I was very happy with the Goodall big head main and would have no hesitation in buying one if I had any money . It was very flexible, able to supply power or speed as required with the head standing up if you wanted, but twisting well without excessive use of downhaul pressure.

Regards Gary.

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Originally posted by wildtoy:

Does this mean you'll be coming to the brass monkey on the Harbour this year.

Recieved an from the sfs and they are penciling in august 16-17 for this regatta.

She said Ill recieve NOR within the next few weeks


Hi Will,

The F16 Global challenge is in August, so I may be overseas. But if I am in OZ I will try to make it.

Regards Gary.

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