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getting out on the wire

Guest CBNG

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i'm fairly new at this whole sailing caper and already love it so much i just baught a hobie 16. All going well but i'm having trouble getting out on the wire smoothly. Any tips other than needing 3 hands?

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Trapezeing is just something you get used to, and the more you do it, the easier it gets (like most things).

Some things to look for: the tension of the shock cord holding the trapeze ring, it should be tight enough so that when you hook up on the tramp, you dont have to hold the handle, or worry about the ring falling out of your trapeze hook.

Set the trapeze up for the height that suits you. more "shallow" people can set their height down lower, larger people need to come up a inch or two. If the tapeze is too low, you will drag in the water, and it makes it morre dificult to get in/out. too high, and you wil feel like falling when you fly a hull.

Getting out on the wire, i find puting you bum over the gunwale, get your front foot (the one closest to the bow) out onto the gunwale, then launching with one leg, and then kind of landing on the side of the boat works well for me.

whatever you do, make it as fast as you can, while your half way between, your not stable, and neither is the boat.



Nacra 5.8

Lauderdale Yacht Club TAS.


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Hood has it in one...

The main thing is to practice AND NOT be tentative when coming in or going out.

Also once you have the hook on don't use the handle to push out. Only use the handle to help you come in at the last stage if you have your bum slightly below the deck.

Make sure that you also do not have your feet to widely spead as this also does not allow you to swing with the boats motion and can make you feel less stable.

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