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Paper Tigers, where have they all gone?

Guest old tiger man

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Guest old tiger man

I have been thinking about returning to sailing, and can't find any Paper Tigers for sale. Having been introduced to cat sailing by "Lapin Bleu" NSW state champ's boat back in the late 70s I still have a soft spot for them.

I am located in Sydney South side and would like a new timber boat anyone building tigers? in NSW.

Hope someone can help

"Mr Jinks"

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G'day Mr Jinks,

Rest assured the Paper Tiger class is going well. We had 49 boats at the last Nationals, held in Victoria. New Zealand had over 40 at their Nationals.

We had 45 boats (18 from Aus) at the Internationals held in Auckland, NZ, over Easter this year.

You may be interested to know Ian Marcovitch is back in the class and built a new ply PT just before Christmas. He is sailing at Tuggerah Lakes.

There is a strong fleet at Koonawarra Bay (Wollongong), a small fleet at Kogarah Bay (Georges River), a good fleet at Long Jetty (Tuggerah Lakes Memorial SC), a good fleet at Wagga, plus other pockets of boats in various places.

The class is still very active in Victoria, Qld, Tasmania and South Australia as well.

There are boats being built in the USA and other countries.

Good second hand boats are hard to come by as they are snapped up quickly, often before they hit the "for sale" pages.

If you are keen, I can try to get more info on boats for sale. Most come up in Victoria, but the odd one appears in NSW.

Marco might build you a ply boat.

Let me know.


David Stumbles

Publicity Officer

Australian Paper Tiger Catamaran Association.

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Guest old tiger man

Thanks David,

I attended Kogarah BAy SC, they are very keen but the last PT sailed there on a reg. basis last season ( or before) due to a bad back, tony with the other is concentrating on his TS.

KCC has 1 x 30 yr old tiger turns up now and then.

mr jinks

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