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what to do with an old mast ?


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Whem i last heard the QB association had the plans and a f/glass hull mould somewhere in melbourne. the mould was probably scrapped years ago. you could try Lindsay Cunningham in melb who was the original designer.

I have no idea who was left in the association after it folded about 5-10 years ago. I was told some former QB owners had moved into taipans but i have no contacts and boyer and Co when i spoke to them some years ago said the QB class was dead with less than a handful of boats known to be in existence.

i knew of one in melbourne and mine and that was it. Mine sadly finally went to the tip a month ago

I cut the mast up with a hacksaw and was most impressed with the lack of corrosion after 30 years of sailing. i am going to save the mast cap, diamonds and base but the rest is going to the scrap metal merchant at 99 cents a kilo.

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