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Replacing rigging


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After snapping a diamond wire on the weekend I am now going to replace all my rigging and trapeze wires.

My trapeze wire is 2.5mm and shrouds 3.2mm. is this adequate or overkill on a 4.4m cat?

what should you use for shrouds/forestay, flexible or the more rigid wires?

Lastly does anyone other than top sailors adjust their diamond stays?

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G'day QB2

Standing rigging should always be 1x19 wire, that's the stiff one. Reason being it has less stretch then the more flexible ones. As for the sizes of the wire 3.2mm is standard and ensures a good margin of safety for your standing rigging, likewise the 2.5mm for the trap wire is a good size. Don't be tempted to go lighter and think you are saving weight the small gain is not worth the reduced margin of safety. Lastly, all new wire will have some stretch after installation, allow accordingly.

Regards Harry

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I'm guessing that the "on-line supplier" is tending to rub "wee-wee" a bit much... Probably trying to sell over-priced "name brand" roll swage fittings. It can definitely be swaged, try your local chandlery (even with foreign bought wire) they should be competitive. Unless you've got all the gear yourself!

Hope this helps,



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After recieving new 1X19 SS wire I see my old rigging must be 7x7. 1x19 is much finer and surprisingly a lot harder to bend around a thimble and keep in the swage sleeve.

Is there a technique to this or just brute force to hold the wire in place with pliers before you compress the sleeve?

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the old maxim "if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer" comes to mind. Essentially what I do is this.

Clamp one handle of the swaging tool in a vise, position the sleeve on the wire, adjust the wire so that the correct amount pokes out from the sleeve. Insert the thimble, Gently pull on the long end of the wire to seat it in the thimble with one hand whilst holding the other handle of the swaging tool in the other and when the moon and the planets are aligned just close the handle gently whilst maintaining that gentle pressure on the long end to prevent springback. This is one of things that takes longer to explain than to actually do. I find by doing it this way I can control the amount of wire that pokes out of the sleeve and avoid meat hooks to snag me.

Others of course may have their own way of doing things.


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