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Tacking a Maricat (I think I've got it)

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Some here will know that I've had A LOT of trouble with tacking my cat rigged Mari.

I think I know what it was. Cost me $120 (cost of Frank Bethwaite's new book).

Someone said early on that my main lacked shape so I tied the battens in a bit firmer. I then kept tightening slightly to get a 'nice' shape, then a little more!

It seems that I put too much tension in which caused the back of the battens to bend too (resulting in someone suggesting I shave the front to get a better shape).

Last weekend I let off a lot of tension, still retaining quite a nice shape and LO was able to tack. I even had that odd situation where the boat 'stalls' with very heavy weather helm but not going anywhere. Just centring the rudders took the brake off and let the boat forward which in turn allowed it to acquire headway and thus positive helm.

What did it was a pair of pics in FB's book of a Tasar mainsail set up for medium and heavy weather. The heavy weather setup was pretty near flat (like some of the Hobie 18 mains). It hadn't occurred to me that the leech (which wasn't really hooking at all) was causing the boat to weather-vane.

I actually kept up with the rest of the traffic in the two races on Sunday.


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