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Mission beach regatta

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This regatta is a fantastic weekend away from the big smoke. Most southern sailors arrive thursday night and it has become a tradition for the local Cat sailors to go over to Dunk Island on the Friday for a "few" refreshments (and to admire the tropical birds" The sailing in the flat waters off the resort is a great way to spend a Friday. Just ask Dog 16sq and garlic muncher 16sq.


the race around the Island on Sat and course racing on the sunday make for a great series.

This may be a good chance for the Tiger boys to come up and race at Least 3 F18 Nacra's.

The event also acts as the North Qld nacra Championships and will be part of the nacra superseries (See www.nacra.com.au)


I will be travelling down to Lake Catharabow the week later so start saving your pennies and get up here.

Posted by Bethos

"Bring your boats up to the Mission Beach Sailing Club for our annual regatta including the race around Dunk Island. (19th and 20th Oct.)

We're looking at 30 plus cats this year including Nacra 5.8's usually 4 or 5 Taipan 5.7's two or three this year including on from Brisbane, 5 or 6 Taipan 4.9s including one from Brisbane (this may increase to three from Brisbane) plus plenty of others A-class, all flavours of Nacras, Cobras but unfortunately very few Hobies!! There's usually a couple of 49ers that race with the cats too.

There is a large contingent of monohulls too making it up to about 70 boats. It's a brilliant social weekend in a fantastic location."

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Their will be at least 2 if not 3 F18 Nacra's

Warren, Myself and hopefully one other.

The distance is not that bad - once you have done it once I bet you will be back.

BTW the nearest Airport is Cairns or Townsville. I will meet you at the Airport with a bundy if you can get up here.

P.S Bring some of your friends - We do not get to see many Hobies up here.

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When you refer to there being at least 2 F18 Nacras are these simply 5.8's with kites or something else altogether?

If they are something else what yardstick is used for them? I was wondering so that we can use the correct yardstick for you at the Mission Beach Regatta.

Also, if they are something else, is the 5.8 with kite F18 compliant?

Is there an F18 yardstick? Would the VYC Hobie Tiger yardstick be suitable?



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There will be a container with 5 Nacra F18 boats - see the F18 page on this site -arriving in June/July. I have bought one, Warren from Brisbane Cat centre has one and I am hoping that Luke will have one by then as well.

The other 2 have been sold to Melb and Sydney.

The Yardstick for the F18 has not yet been created but The Tiger VYC is 72 (Mal will be able to correct this if I am wrong)

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