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How do Tigers get around the Max Width Law for the Trailers

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Ok, I did some research, and it l0oks like you have to apply for a permit.

The hobie isnt over by much only 4 inches, and most cops would not notice. But if you do get caught the fines are as follows.


12 (2) A person convicted of an offence under these Regulations for

breaching a condition, except in the circumstances referred to in

subregulation 12 (3), is liable to a penalty not exceeding $2,000 for an

individual or $10,000 for a body corporate.

If you had a tilt trailer, it would not have to go very high to get down to 2.5m

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Thanks for the fine info. Not to put the police down but I towed a boat that was over by about a foot & got pulled up. first time for towing. As he ran a tape over the rear end it came out about 5ft. the policeman said that different its looks bigger than that, your ok on your way. with a thanks for your time I couldn't get out of their quick enough. Weather he was being nice or what just some times they do check. though I've never been checkrd with the tiger.


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The QLD traffic rules state that no trailer can be registered over 2.5 m but an overwidth indivisible load can be carried on a legal trailer with a permit. You can get a Tiger on a 2.5m trailer.

My permit stipulates that the trailer must be towed by a specified vehicle. I just keep the permit in my glovebox.

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I dont know if the rules have changed or its just different in TAS, but a few years ago I knew a guy with a Tornado, he lost 3 of them on tilt trailers, with his last boat, he put it onto a flat trailer, and got a permit. I remember the trailer having a big yellow/black sign about being over wide.

I understand most of the T guys now dismantle their boats for transport.

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Yah, what a major pain in da ARSE !!

The guy at our club that sails a 5.7 Taipan

must have stirred up a hornets nest when he insisted that his boat go on a tilt trailer.

Apparently they must exceed the 2.5 max limit marginally, but as stated prior, most ppl just conveniently ignore this factor.

Tilt trailers.....

Personally I just could never be arsed with them.

pfffffffffft !!!


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