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9. Minimum weight of boat in full sail trim shall not be less than 130 kilograms.

Andrew they are 130 kilos FULLY RIGGED. thats like 50 kilos lighter that a f-18, and for the same price as a f-18 (i guess they save some money on not supplying a jib and the associated rigging)

I did notice that the texel rating has em 1 point slower than a f-18 so I guess the smaller sail plan must hurt them.

should be very interesting to see if the class takes off now they are the worrell 1000 boat.

edit: the worrell 1000 thing looks like BS to me, it looks as though all the F-18ht's are going to come from the one supplier, it may as well be a one design, as they has lost the spirit of the formula.

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I have been following along the catailor.com forum debate on the pros/cons of the uni rigged f-18ht.

The main pro for the uni rig, is the pointing ability, which like a A-class is pretty awesome.

The down side, is the low down power is missing. Because the jib is down lower to the deck, its easier to hold, than up higher. So in s a good breeze the uni rig *should* be slower.

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