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2005 F18 Worlds in Australia

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There were a lot of rumours flying around the Worlds (everyone hoping) that Australia would be hosting the 2005 Worlds. The last 3 world championships have been held in Northern Europe, France, England and Germany. The next worlds are in Belgium. Anyone that has sailed in Northern Europe knows their sumer is worse than an Australian Winter. So if anyone is interested in organising it, go for it. The best time to hold the worlds would be Dec/Jan during the European winter so they could ship there boats while they are not using them. Preferably in Queensland like RQ or Maloolabar or Arlie Beach.

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It is encouraging to hear that the vibe at the worlds was in favour of Australia hosting the 2005 F18 worlds. At this stage the Aus F18 association has been formed and an interim committee is making preparations for the AGM, to be held at Lake Cootharaba in November. At that time a committee will be elected.

Organizing and hosting an event like the F18 worlds is a huge commitment and it is up to the newly elected committee to decide if they are prepared to host the worlds and if so, to prepare a bid and organize a regatta.

I'd love to see it happen, anywhere on the east coast, but it is up to the people that will do all the work to make that call. If you own a Formula 18 and want to have your say, come to the lake and be involved!

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Why Queensland? The weather/temp...

I live in NSW, Sydney and have sailed for many years on Sydney Harbour and I am not really a fan.

Queensland would have to be one of the best places in the World to Sail.

The first priority for a Worlds event should be short wetsuits.

The facilities at RQ are second to none.


Bundy from Florida (its to hot here)

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