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F18 Rules changes - for the better

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Dear F18 fellows,

Please find the unanimous decisions of the World Council, acting as Measurement Committee, about the following issues, with immediate effect :

- 1) Spinnaker retrieving systems, which may be attached to the bowsprit, are allowed, subject they comply with the current general measurement F18 rules.

This means that snuffer trumpets, if any, cannot be made of carbon.

- 2) Self tacking jib devices are allowed.

- 3) Daggerboard boxes have to be in the vertical axis of the hulls, perpendicularly to the deck plan.

These decisions have been taken in order to both facilitate the club sailors task on board, and to maintain a good balance between costs and technical improvements.

I wish you all the best for the summer season (and the winter one for the Aussies !)

I hope to see you numerous in Travemunde,

Kind regards,

Olivier BOVYN

International F18 Class President

I hope I'm not stealing Oliver's thunder if he is planning on posting this news here, but I would like to say that the first two rules are excellent.

The carbon gear on the boats just adds to the cost, when other material that will do the job, at much lower costs are freely available (it should not be the richest man winning, just the most skilled)

Selftacking jibs make life easy, especially with a kite.

The last rule, I dont quite understand, how does the rake of the daggerboard affect performance, and as AFIK until this rule the dagger boards were design free?

All very interesting.

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Dennis I was thinking the same thing. but having cantered hulls isnt illegal as long as the center boards are at right angles to the deck, So as long as the deck is cantered, there should be no problem.

but the capricorn boards go in the other direction to the canter.


all you can say is oops.

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