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Nacra F18 Pictures of Kite snuffer - From Bundy

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You might have seen the recent F18 Class rule changes that have allowed snuffer systems on the spinnaker poles. I thought I would save everyone a lot of time experimenting and show you the systems that are being used and are working in Europe.

Below is the system that I used at the recent worlds. It is a fibreglass tube that attaches to the pole. The tube is 2m long and weights about 2.5kg. It is included in the total boat weight anyway. The system works very well with 3 patches in the spinnaker and I was using a silicon spinnaker. Very sturdy and reliable. Hobie Cat Europe produced this one. (390 Euro).



The cheaper option and probably works better is below. It is simply a fibreglass ring attached to the spinnaker pole with a bag attached to it. The system still uses 3 patches and a silicon spinnaker is recomended. Not as sturdy and not so good for sponsors.


The ring in the Trampoline system does not seem to work as well on the Formula 18 as it does on the Tornado???

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It looks home made, and I dont think it would be that hard to make one out of fiberglass. A while ago I looked at a similar one with a bowl underneath, and it do look hard to build, but now I look at it, there was probably no reason to have the extra bowl.

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Howdy Bundy,

Looks good and once again you are making it easy for the skipps. I here we may be able to order one through Hobie OZ. Could you tell me how much extra I would need to add on the base for the mighty T kite if I choose this system??? And what pole diameter dose this one fit???

Cheers, See ya at KCC this weekend.

Stephen Medwell

Team Tornado 'ALIVE'



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Club Marine (Boat Insurance)

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Yes, I believe Hobie Cat Australasia is selling them.

They are designed to suit a 40mm pole. However above I have it on a 38mm pole with no problems due to a bit of pre bend in the pole it is a snug fit.

This one is 2m long and the one I have on the T is 2.1m (3 patches in spin)If you put some time into your patch location it will actually fit in the 2m chute. 2.1 gives a little margin for error.


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