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any home builders?


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I'm financially challenged, like Young Gun below, but lust for F18.

Is it possible to home build an F18 in vacuum-bagged foam sandwich epoxy? A 5.8 Taipan weighs 135kg, so I figure a 180kg epoxy F18 could be very stiff/strong. What about strip planking using CoreCell foam over male forms? Rig is still expensive...maybe $11,000 for whole boat?

I know that's almost a new Hobie16 price, but I want a flat kite, centreboards and decent LWL, just like the Sharpie I last wired on many moons ago.

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Tom you could go for a nacra 5.8, pick one up fairly cheaply, $4-5k and add a kite. They are the same weight as a f18 roughly, have a little more sail, and are a little bit longer. the 5.8 spi has exactly the same VYC (70) as the f-18's.

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Thanks for your input Hood & Ants. A cheap 5.8 seems like good value, even if some rigging needs replacing (I read Dennis' posts re rigging failure). It seems a little cheaper to get into a 'modern' cat than I initially feared. Will concentrate on getting some money together for this first.

As for an F18 at a later date, the A Class home-builder in Melbourne has given me heart that I'm not completely crazy, tho the lack of resale value is a concern. In any case, if guys are building foam sandwich Farrier Trimarans in their garages, how hard and expensive can little beach cat hulls be?...famous last words.

Frenchman Erik Lerouge offers F18 plans on his website...

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Your best option would be to buy a good used F18. They are available for less than you could build one from scratch. You could have the benefit of an existing class and its development. By all means build one, but you will not save money if that is your goal.

If your $11000.00 orphan kicks butt, its worth more than you paid for it but somehow I doubt that will happen.

Formula 18 is the only existing formula cat class in this country and its going great guns. Our inaugural nationals this year will be big.

Give me a call if you are serious, I have a good used Tiger.

Mal Gray


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Hi Tom,

Don't want this to sound like a class war but I will throw you another option.

TORNADO spinnaker........

I have contacts for a few guys selling Ts CHEAP.... around $4000 to $4500. May be able to talk down. For only a couple of thou you can upgrade these hulls to the new rig without too much trouble. One of these boats are a Lance Hanley design (same mould as a Reg White) which may not be a Marstom but are a very good locally competitive platform and very fast in the light to medium range as their bows are built at the minimum tollerance.

They are a very stable and powerfull boat that is still perfectly managable with a kite in 30 knots. They are easy to sail but are hard to get the last couple of percent off boat speed out off. The 10 foot beam realy powers the boat to windward and there is nothing like a T in full flight, spinnaker flying in a stiff breeze. Try a yarkstick of 66. That's quicker than an 18 foot skiff.

We will have 5 Tornado at Kurnell next season with the 2 classic rigs joining, planning to do a kite conversion over the off season. There are a few more boats in NSW, 10 plus active in Melboure, 5 in NT, about 13 in WA plus a few in QLD.

Next season should be a big one for the Ts with the class experiencing rapid growth now the spinnaker has been adopted and we have plans to bring WA, NT and East coast boats together for large regattas, some combined with the A Class and other clases. We plan to seek sponnsors for the events and ship boats in containers that have the potential to fit upto 12 boats on racks.

If anyone is interested in a Tornado or would like advice or assistance with spinnaker conversion please contact me.

Stephen Medwell

Team Tornado 'ALIVE'




supported by

Club Marine (Boat Insurance)

Seawind Catamarans

Finlease (Marine Finance)

Sign*A*Rama - Petersham

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The Tornado certainly has a lot going for it as it conforms to a ISAF class, Olympic class, and is truley an international boat.

Even the minimun weight is much more realistic than a F-18/Nacra5.8/Hobie18.

With the big rig and the second trap, they are a much more freindly boat.

couple of thou seems cheap for a new rig, it cost me nearly $5000 for a new nacra 5.8 rig this season. might be cheaper if you can find one that has already been converted.

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Funny, I was more notorious for my early to bed/rise hours. Had to scale back last sporting interest and am little desperate for physical challenge and excitement...QLD Tigers I observed reaching from a distance last Sunday might almost do it.

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Very Interesting Thread Guys, pity nobody actually answered the question!. Has anyone gone ahead and had a go at DIY F18?

The Taipan guys reckon their 4.9 timber optional owner built boat is right up there on speed and if built correctly is also right on minimum weight. Surely with the hefty weight allowance in the F18 rules this type of hull should be a viable option?. I know Skewesy said no epoxy in the hull construction however (and I don't mind standing corrected if need be) I believe the hulls can be of timber/epoxy construction. Save alot of farting around with vacuum bagging etc and is a well proven hull construction be it strip planked or tortured ply.

Cheers Phil

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