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Aussies 1-2 in German F18 Nationals

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Guest F18 Watcher

The web site for the F18 is a disgrace, no results. I contacted someone at the reagtta and they copied the results from the board. But no results for the 2nd day

1. Mitch Tiger (3-1)

2. Gavin Tiger (2-3)

3. Goodal Capricorne (1-5) Aus

4. Mourniac Tiger (5-2)

5. Dutch? (3-5)

6. Remco Tiger (5-4)

7. Sachs Nacra (6-4)

8. Laruffa Capricorne (1-11)

9. Cotton Nacra

10. Loday (son) ?

11 Fisher Capricorne

13. Bundy Tiger

14. Boulogne Cirrus (13-3)

15. Fevres Tiger

16. Neville Tiger (19-12)

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Still in the elimination stage at this point to seperate the fleet into Gold and Silver.

From the Aus F18 site:

Mitch Booth missed his first start... having an extra espresso, we hear. He finished the first race in 15th then followed that with a 3-1-1 to round out the day.

Current standing appear to be:

1 - Darren Bundock/Glenn Ashby (Tiger)

2 - Mitch Booth/Herbie Dercksen (Tiger)

3 - Gavin Colby/Cori Camenish (Tiger)

Darren started the regatta yesterday with two capsizes and followed that today with three bullets!

The winner of last year’s event, sailing Cirrus, to this point it appears has not been doing well. The Capricorn team, which was in the top three yesterday, had a bad day today and dropped back a bit.

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