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Bundy/Ashby On Fire

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After two days of racing at the Formula 18 Worlds in Holland, Aussies, Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby have a near perfect scorecard. With 6 races concluded, the "Bashby" team have five firsts and a fifth- not bad for a world championship with one hundred and fourty entries! They head the leaderboard on 5 pts followed by:

Mitch Booth/Herbert Derksen (Ned) 8 pts

Christophe Mourniac/Frank Citeau (Fra) 10 pts

Mischa Heemskerk/Sander De Boer (Ned) 15 pts

Remko Kenbeek/Paul Brower 20 pts (Ned)

After Bundy/Ashby, the next Aussies are daniel Van Kerkoff/Michael Cook 15th place (50pts) and Brad Collett/ Luke McDonald in 17th place on 51 pts.

Greg Goodall/Chris Boag, after a good first couple of races,are suffering with a DNS and three twenty pointers on day two, sending them down the scoreboard to 27th place with 79 pts.

Other Aussies:

35th Don Dull/ Liam Goodall (98pts)

55th David Elliott/Chris Munro (131pts)

80th Russ McDonald/ Nev Barnes (183pts)

87th Taylor Booth/Jorge Hernandez (200 pts)

Go you good things!

Mal Gray

AUST F18 Publicity Officer

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Results for Day 5 are scarce, due to lack of wind.

After the first two days of qualification racing, the competition has been split into gold and silver fleets for the remainder of the competition.

Silver fleet has had two races in the finals but gold fleet's only race was abandoned.

Standings so far:

1 NED 1 Kenbeek, Remco, Brouwer, Paul

2 AUS 69 Bundock, Darren, Ashby, Glenn

3 GER 123 Sach, Helge, Sach, Christian

4 NED 76 Meulen, van der, Reindert-Jan, Knol, Carina

5 FRA 1907 Mourniac, Jean-Christophe, Citeau, Franck

When one more race is completed, competitors are eligible to drop a result from the finals. Bundock/ Ashby will be able to drop an uncharacteristic 35th, which currently pushes them down to second place.

Other Aussies in Gold Fleet (71 boats):

Goodall 14th

Van Kerkoff 16th

Collett 33rd

Dull 55th

Elliott 56th

In Silver Fleet

Taylor Booth is flying up the board and is now in 10th place. Russ McDonald has reportedly "pulled a heart muscle" and packed up his boat.

Mal Gray

F18 Aust Media

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Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby have successfully defended their Formula 18 World Championship.

Hobie Tiger takes first and second places at World Championship.

The 2005 Formula 18 World Championships were hosted by Hoek van Holland yacht club north of Rotterdam, Holland

160 Formula 18's competed from the period of 9-15 July for the prestigious World Tittle. The battle of the 10 different manufactors was clearly dominated by the Hobie Tiger taking the four of the first five overall placings.

Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby got off to a fantastic start to the qualifying series winning five of the six qualifying heats and only discarding a 5th position to lead after the first two days.

Bundock and Ashby were able to finish within the top 10 for the remainder of the series except for one race in shifty ligth conditions which saw the pair finish 35th. However, due to there other consistant results they were able to discard this 35th position in the final series.

Bundock and Ashby went on to win the series with a score card of

5,1,1,1,1,1,6,2,35,1,5,11 to beat Mitch Booth and Herbert Derkson by 10 points.

The vetran Sach Brothers finished in 3rd position ahead of Jean Christoph Mourniac and Frank Cituea.

Bundock said "it is extremely pleasing to defend our tittle however the level of competition is increasing year by year.".

Bundock now heads to Greece to compete in a blind and disable charity Marathon on Tornado’s before The tornado Europeans in August.

World Championship list-


1998, 2001, 2002, 2003 Olympic Tornado World Champion

2002 ISAF Multihull World Champion

2005, 2004 Formula 18 World Champion


1996, 2002, 2004 A-Class World Champion

2005, 2004 Formula 18 World Champion

Further information call Darren Bundock on +49 177 603 8084.


Sponsored by:

Marinepool, FSE Robline, Volvo Car, Ronstan, Hobie Cat.

Supported by:

Yachting Australia, Australian Institute of Sport, NSWIS, Australian Olympic Committee & Verein Segler Haus Wannsee.

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