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Worlds Starts - Carnage Begins

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The 2007 F18 worlds started today with an absolute bang.

Winds gusting 30knts and 3metre seas caused havoc across the course - 16 capsizes and many breakages caused the additional races to be cancelled for the day.

2 Ambulances and 3 people in hospital added to the drama along with a demasting and numerous breakages and collisions taking out some of the other boats.

Wednesday looks to be even worse conditions and as i Just walked to the beach from the Rydges resort the sand blasting the boats still on the beach were getting was a sight to see.

More fun tomorrow smile.gif

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thanks for that.

I've been watching the f18 at humpybong (I live close by), they look agile but also temperamental. Is this ok for someone that hasn't sailed for 10 years?

Also will an old nacra f18 keep up with other newer f18 or is it going to be too slow to race?

Sorry to hijack the thread ....

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hi Barefoot,

Like all boat races, winning is not allways done by the "faster?" cats, but by the better sailors.

To answer your question re- the older Nacra F18, it is possibly faster in the light, but why not ask for a test sail and find out the best way, on the water.

pete smile.gif

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