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2009 Formula F18 Worlds


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Hosted by Royal Belgian Sailing Club Duinbergen Base in Knokke-Heist from 11 to 18 July 2009.

To all Australian Teams.

The 2009 Worlds Committee have confirmed that Australia has been allocated 6 only positions for the 2009 Worlds. These positions will be selected by the as per previous years based on the results from the Australian Nationals. Top 6 places to be nominated with standby positions in order of final placing.

Please also note that due to no major sponsor being in place for the Worlds no financial support is available for shipping so full shipping costs will be responsible for each team requiring transportation of boats to the event. Further discussion on possible containers will be had during the Nationals and I ask if anyone has any questions please email me or see me at Humpybong during the Nationals.


Jams Ogilvie

0400 701 878

Australia F18 President


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Formula 18 Catamaran Australian National Titles Come to Humpybong Yacht Club.

February 20th, 21st, 22nd, 2009.

Once again, the waters of Bramble Bay will be a blaze of colour and excitement as Humpybong Yacht Club hosts the big ferocious Formula 18 Catamaran Australian National Championships on February 20th, 21st, 22nd, 2009. These catamarans are one of the fastest off the beach sailing craft on the planet and one of the fastest growing classes in the world.

Humpybong Yacht Club is pleased that junior club members Shane and Louise Hatton will contest the upcoming Formula 18 National Title in the open division. Shane aged 15 will helm their F18 Catamaran with his sister Louise 18 as crew. Shane and Louise have been members of Humpybong Yacht Club for the past 2 years after there family arrived from Ireland in 2006. Shane has already gained himself a place in Formula 18 racing when he finished third as crew in Qld f18 State Titles held at HYC May 2008. Louise has also imprinted on the world of sailing in the Hurricane Class Catamaran in her home country. They will both gain vast experience from this event. Other HYC members aiming for the championship are Brad Collett who finished 10th in the Formula 18 Worlds held in Yeppoon 2007. Andrew Holden who has ventured last year to Nigran in Spain to sail amongst the best in the world. Nev Thompson who has done mulitiable world championships. Also Lucas McDonald who will crew for

Matt Homan, together they are the current holders of the F18 Qld State Titles.

The standard of this event will be first class as all crews will be aiming for selection for the Aust. Formula 18 team to contest the Formula 18 World championships to be held in Belgium in July this year. The team will be selected from the first 9 placings at this event.

Formula 18 catamarans are 18ft or 5.52 m in length with a maximum width of 2.6 m. These crafts support a crew of two. 3 sails power the catamaran, a Main , 17 square metres, a Jib 4.15 square metres and an asymmetrical spinnaker, 21 square metres. These craft fit into a box rule and have a minimum weight of 180 kg with a minimum combined crew weight of 150 kg. This boat can be built to your own design fitting into the rule, as is the catamaran that will be sailed by the current Hobie Tiger World Champions Mark Larruffa and Dan Sims at these titles at Humpybong Yacht Club in February.

There are three major production boat manufacturers of the Formula 18 Catamaran in Australia , Nacra Infusion, Hobie Tiger and Capricorn built by AHPC.

Humpybong Yacht Club expect boats will be arriving from as far north as Mossman, Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville and as far south as Sydney, Melbourne and as far west as Bunbury, Western Australia as well the local fleet of F18’s from here in Brisbane. This will give you some concept of the depth and scope of the competition anticipated at these titles. Humpybong Yacht Club expects we will have around 25 to 30 of these machines carving the waves and using all the breeze they can muster on the waters of Bramble Bay .

This will be a site to behold for the community of Redcliffe and the greater areas, with the finishing of the new Woody Point Jetty, the viewing of racing should be fantastic, as the race course will be set just out from the jetty. The foreshore of Clontarf too, should be great viewing.

Program of racing. Thursday19th Feb-----registration at Humpybong Yacht Club.

Friday 20thFeb-----racing not before 11:30 a.m.

Saturday 21st Feb-----racing not before 10:30 a.m.

Sunday 22nd Feb-----racing not before 10:30 a.m.

A maximum of 12 races will be sailed over three days with no warning signals after 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Humpybong Yacht Club invites you to pack your picnic basket, bring the family along, check out these boats, and enjoy the pleasures of viewing racing on these days.

For the location of Humpybong Yacht Club go to www.hyc.net.au

alternatively, if you would like to keep an eye on the results or find out more about the Formula 18 go to www.ausf18.org.au

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