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AHPC leaks 3D images of new platform!

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AHPC are proud to release the first images of the newest prototype in the race for Formula 18 supremacy. With over 30 years of catamaran design experience and the latest in design software, we have combined knowledge from our CAPRICORN, VIPER and many other designs.

The new bow shape improves the flow and volume in the front section of the hull, while utilizing the maximum possible water line length. The main beam is further back, meaning it has more bow than another F18 on the market. This, in addition to the increased bow buoyancy will result great downwind speed and stability. The square transom and raised rear beam are designed to decrease beam slap and increase large wave handling.

We will be carrying over the mast and beam sections from the CAPRICORN. The rig will be a fully optimized and developed Goodall rig (all dimensions pushed to the class limits). We will also be changing to Carbon finished centerboards and rudders.

There are a handful of other upgrades to be confirmed at the official release at the Paris Boat show in December.

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