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Head Cam Movies


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Check out GoPro cameras, the surf pro is HD waterproof and has a wide angle.

Things to know for the novice. You need a good wide angle to catch the action otherwise you'll miss most of the action/scenery. Generally speaking the cheaper the camera the narrower the field of vision and the lower the frames per/sec rate.

If it's on your head then remember that it's there and try and keep your nut still for some of the time.

A good mount option is using a small castor wheel just go to bunnings, the type of castor for a lounge/ bed. Use the metal plate as your mount to the boom or spinnaker pole and the wheel hanging down. Mount the camera on to the wheel,you will need to create a frame or use tape. Using the castor wheel mount give you a gyroscopic type of mount where you can always have a level frame while the boat tips. Play with it until you get the idea.

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