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Sailing simulators


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Inbetween club events I like to sharpen my sailing skills with sailing sims.

I have found virtual skipper and sailing simulator 4 to be very good



sail simulator is available formt he local harvey norman, but its better to buy it online, as you have to pay for an upgrade so you can use the Tornado.

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Glad you mentioned that weener thing!, apparently its the new european, ultra light, full adjustable harness, made by ocean weener sport. best part is, the price is right, although not recommended for choppy conditions!


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I found the Virtual skipper to be a lot better, even though you cant sail a cat frown.gif

I bought VS online from the uk, took about a week to get here, not bad I thought.

In virtual skipper all the rules apply in real time, so if you hit some one, either you or they are doing a 360.

the racing is usually pretty close, and it can go right down to the wire.

I have found it does help, and its great for teaching new crews how to sail before they get onto the boat smile.gif

The best simulator I have seen was a laser shell hooked up to a computer, and as you lean or turn the tiller the screen moves with it. but at about $20,000 i would rather have a cat smile.gif

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