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Will stick to cat sailing!


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Went for a bit of a recreational sail on the weekend and left the Nacra at home. Instead we sailed my son's Flying Ant.

We were going ok but a bit short of room in the cockpit for me I noticed. Then I got my leg caught somehow under the tiller. The only way to untangle myself was to put the tiller on full lock to windward.

Shouldn't be a problem I thought - the Nacra wouldn't even notice it.

Well on the Ant we did a 360 in around 3 - 4 seconds!

Rule infringement penalty turns not a problem on this boat.

- Peter.

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OMG, I havnt seen an ANT in years!, My only real sailing memories of them, was this guy, who used to fly past the mirrors, and then capsize, They would right it, come flying past again.. then swim again. They certainly were a cute boat.

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Thats funny, that guy sounds a bit like how I used to sail one.

I later 'graduated' to the Lasers and somehow got a bit of a reputation for not tipping. I sadly remember that on one occassion we had extremely windy weather of over 40 knots. Everyone else tipped over and went back to shore, but I kept going to finish the race (didn't think to look to see that it had been abandoned!).

Anyway at the height of the storm I rapidly approached the gybe mark. I knew the others were watching from ashore to see me get my swim. My one regret in sailing is that this time I rounded up and tacked to get around the gybe mark.

At least on the big cats we dont have to worry about the gybe mark to much.

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Went for a recreational sail on the weekend too........

sailed the 5.8 cat rigged solo, always a hoot wen ya got some wind.....

Anyways me mate and I (he cat rigged on his 4.9 Taipan) sailed out to the channel (out from Hervey Bay)

got out there at like 4:30 in the arvo, looked around then decided we best head for home.

That was fine until the wind dropped out to NOTHING !!!!!

I mean ABSOLUTELY nadda, zip, zilch and FA !!

So I resolved to PADDLE the great beast home.

It didn't seem too bad until the sun went down frown.gif

Ok so here is the scenario.. it's like 5:50 pm the sun is down and the light is fading fast, I have no water, no food, lights or anything, and it's getting COLD !

I paddle faster knowing that the tide is on the turn and envisioning being swept out to sea.

So here's where it gets interesting.... try climbing up one hull of a 5.8 so that you can paddle with both hands, problem is you cant STEER the monster, so I paddle for a few strokes than clamber back on deck and adjust the tiller, by this time I am warmed up at least ! anway it seems land is not getting any closer and i am starting to worry.... so I deside that I will jump overboard with a long rope and swim, towing the boat behind me. GREAT IDEA !

So as i am preparing to jump in what do you think I see............ ?

YES you guessed it !

A friggin SHARK !! FFS !!!

I guess he was attracted to my frantic paddling, he circles the boat just as the light dissapears altogether...

By now I am realizing the folly of going out so late in the day and not taking any water etc etc.

Nevertheless I paddle on doggedly until my arms feel like lead but I keep going knowing that If I am to make it in it is the only way !

any way I eventually feel the centreboard hit the bottom and I have never been so glad to run aground !!

I ended up miles south of the club house and had to walk the boat all the way back.

The distance that I had to paddle was approximately 2 k and it took 3 hours to do it :p

I got in an 7:30 and was not impressed, ahh well I don't think i will be doing that again in a hurry !!!


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