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Which Cat??

Guest DougO

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Please help??

I am a 100kg reasonably fit person who is wanting to get back into sailing Off The Beach Cats.

My sailing experience spans a number of years starting in dinghies and sailboards.I have spent the past few years on yachts.

I was thinking of getting a single handed cat (Nacra 16sq) to enjoy the thrill of performance sailing without the worry of continually trying to keep a crew interested/involved. I like the idea of close racing in a reasonable sized fleet (Brisbane based).

After reading the various forums, I am a bit confused as to what would be the ideal boat to get into.

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I'll try and do this without bashing classes, which is sometimes a popular past time forums. (in general)

You need to think carefully about how much you are able to spend, then what type of sailing you what to do, now and in the short term future.

For a 100kg fellow as yourself, a 16sq, would be probably be a good buy, I believe there is a descent fleet in Bris.

A Taipan 4.9 Cat rig is another option, probably not as big as fleet, but has the ability to be rigged sloop for two people.

Some would say the 4.9 is not as tough as a Nacra, but it comes down to maintanence, a poorly maintained Nacra will break just as much as poorly maintained Taipan. The Taipan is also lighter at 97 Cat rig, maybe heavier on the hip pocket.

The A class is THE Cat rig, and for that reason has larger ongoing costs, if you want remain competitive. But at 75kg its a brilliant boat to sail.

Not sure if Hobie have a boat to fit your stated requirments maybe the FX-one, not even sure if its in Aus.

But don't forget Windies and Maricats, they offer hours of fun at low cost and ease of rigging etc.

Hope this helps


Taipan 062

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it might be an idea that you visit the local sailing clubs and discuss with the members which is the best value for your money.Also find out which classes to get into and the ones people are getting out off. dont be afraid to ask them about their boats .eg cost how many around and where to look for boats for sale .

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