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Car topping Cat/ B-430


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I am looking for a cat to take around with me when I retire and tour Oz . I need to carry it on the vehicle roof as I will be towing a camper.I'm open to any suggestions,however as the Windrush 14 has Beam bolts & hinges, I'm wondering do these permit the cat to be car topped?

If so how can this achieved?

Can this be done easily?

What weight do the basic hulls and tramp come out at in terms of overall weight.

Is it a simple task or complicated? Ie how much time would assembly take?

Could it be done in conjunction with a roof loading system like the Rhino roof rack boat loader?

See http://motorcare.com.au/boatloader.htm

P.S. Berny, would the 430 also fit this application due to its lightness? If so I can see a potential market here with the growing "Grey Army" looking for retirement toys!!!

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Struth you don't want much wink.gif.

MMMMMMMM What about a mobile home type camper with the 430 on a trailer on the back smile.gif?

The problem with disassembling all cats is the trampoline being connected to both the hulls and the beams. One way to overcome it is to do what the 'T's' used to do and rig the tramp sides on a wire stretched between the beams so that the tramp stays connected to the beams when they are removed from the hulls (4 bolts). It would still be a hassle but a lot less messing about. There are car topper cats but no one with any respect for themselves or dignity would be seen dead on one. The third option is to build one of the Simpson folding cats and tow it, using it as a caravan and a boat, or forget driving altogether and do it for free (no petrol) by sailing around Oz on a nice big cat with bikes for land transport.

Back at ya!


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Why not car top a 14 ft lightweight such as a Paper Tiger. Would be able to do this whithout dismanteling the platform.

Take a look at Ashby's roof topping A Class.

Bundy / Forbes, Arron Salt / Garry Geitz roof racked 2 Tornado on a van whilst preparing for the Atlanta Olympics.

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They are easily cartopped but it takes two to get it on.

We have had three Nacra 5.8's on a trailer all the way to perth.

Just used a standard double trailer and the thurd one was put on top upside down.

Don Grant brought 3 or 4 Maricat's once to a regatta, including one in the back of the ute. He had it angled up over the roof and left the tranp on and used about 5 times the amount of fuel and wondered why he could not get over 80km/h.

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The PT Nationals often see quite a few on top of cars with the caravan on the back! The Tassie guys pull the beams off and can take 3 I think on the top of a ute. With your minimum weight Tiger at 50kg they aren't too heavy to manouevre around.



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What about its bigger brother the Wave? It seems to be able to be dismantled and wouldn't have the windage that the solid hull of the Brave might have?

What do you or anybody else out there in catsailor land know about the Wave?

PS Congratulations to all readers on the vitality of this site. Keep it up!!

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