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leak detection


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Take out your hatch cover and put a airline in then push a wet towel around the hose to help seal it.(dont put the air pressure to high just enough to create a positive presure in the hull)then get some soapy water and a sponge and run over where you suspect it may be leaking it will bubble where the leak is.

I think you sail a 16sq, if so it is probally leaking around the top of the daggerboard case or the board has cut through the back of the case at the bottom. To fix the first one tip your boat upside down and get a funnel and hose and run resin around the top of the case. To fix the second one buy some seleys ned it take a small amount and press into the back of the case let it go off then sand to the shape of the board.(make sure you put the board in and make sure it goes right down)

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