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buying catamaran


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I am retired and want to buy a 14 - 16 -18 ft trailer cat. for 1 or two crew.

I have been out of sailing for some years. I mainly sail on my own. I need advice on what cat. to buy [second hand]. I do not need the fastest. Interested in class racing in Newcastle area, and travelling up the coast, to sail, now & then.

I was interested in comments about setting spinnaker on cats.

Did lots of small boat sailing when younger and love the adrenalin rush.

Advice please.

Stay well


John....[email me please.]


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I would thoroughly recommend you read through the discussion in the "Australian Catamaran Forum" under the post titled "novice sailor - what would suit me", as you will find plenty of relevant points there. My comments towards the bottom of that list apply to your situation.

How often you will be sailing with someone else is key to your decision. If you will rarely be sailing with anyone else, avoid a Hobie 16. They are not the sort of boat a retired person should be tackling alone.

If you want to sail with someone else about half the time, consider a Windrush or a Maricat. If you rarely want to sail with someone else, consider a Paper Tiger. Paper Tigers have an excellent racing scene, with many retired people involved in the class at a national level, as well as lots of young guys. For racing, you won't get much better than the competition you can get with Paper Tigers.

Anyway, do some reading and consider the "try before you buy" approach. If you want me to put you in contact with Paper Tiger sailors on the Central Coast, let me know.


Dave Stumbles

Publicity Officer

Australian Paper Tiger Catamaran Assoc.

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Please ... do yourself a favour and contact your local club ... the info that you will get there will be invaulable .... and it could save yourself some heartache later .. even if you do not want to join a club go along and talk to the memembers their knowelledge of local conditions and what craft is best suited to your requirements will point you in the right direction.

remember that by joining a club you get all the benifits. Rescue boat while racing .. tips and tricks on rigging great mates and you will help the sport progress in your local area.

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