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Wanted Paper Tiger


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G'day Mick

I'm in Merimbula NSW, and have a spare one; 2128 "Pelikinetic". It belongs to a mate who just moved to Queensland in a hurry, and asked me to deal with it.

The boat was built around 1978 by PT yachts, foam-core construction. Weighed in at 52kg this year's Internationals (minimum is 50). It has cross-cut Redhead sail, new Chinese mast (the best kind), and modern adjustable rigging.

It also has home-made wooden foils and an old zig-zag laced trampoline. There is a spare track-style trampoline including track here ready to be installed, later one day.

It's sitting on a registered trailer (which is 2.5m wide!).

She's a good racing boat, winner of 2008 Batemans Bay Regatta, 2009 Wallagoot Lake Regatta, 2009 Batemans Bay Regatta and 22nd/40 2009 PT Internationals (highest finish 6th place).

It's worth about $1000. Contact me if interested tonyquoll@yahoo.com

A similar boat closer to you (near Melbs) was Jekkora; http://www.catsailor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum13/HTML/000714.html

Not sure if it's still for sale.

PS: more info about 2128 at http://www.green.net.au/quoll/fullcircle.html

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