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Offers for hosting National & State Titiles?

shy thunder

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I was at Port Macquarie the weekend after the State titles and they are more than interested in hosting a state or national titles, with a very good tourist park as part of the site.

There is a catamaran club there with all that is needed to hold a championships and it is also safe sailing for the younger crews as it is completely enclosed, but it can also blow hard and get a chop.

I have sailed my crappy old trifly out of there often and always had a great time.

I will follow up with contact details for you.

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I also know that the association was talking about sharing the Nationals with the Windrush's at Port Kembla, but the talk in the park after that was rather negative as most people had forgettable experiences there before.

Kurnell was thrown into the equasion as well and is a good option as the sailing there in January (when the Nats is usually held) is always good.

Another great place to race is Port Stephens, where there is ample accommodation and always a great deal of wind and wide, open area's, and if it blows a gale, you can always go around the corner and find shelter. Soldiers Point in particular.

I think the more ideas we can have here the better.

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While we are on the topic, or while I am on the topic more to the point.

Maybe asking Balmoral Sailing Club about the Nationals is a good introduction to them to the Maricat's and other 14 foot classes.

We have sailed Nacra 5.8's as well as T's out of there for general training so they are used to cats being around quite a bit.

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Nationals are looking like they will be in early Januarly, but a location has not been decided.

There has been talk of Mannering Park, Port Jelly Blubber Kembla with the Windies I think and also Port Stephens.

Port Macquarie has also been mentioned which would be a top spot too, as you get a good holiday in as well as the sailing.

I personally would prefer not to spend a week or so at Port Kembla. Port Stephens and Port Macquarie are rather attractive though.

If we got balmoral up and running that is another option.

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Bloody sensational.

Accommodation is all set, the Norm De Plume Firsting Thirsting Trophy is being polished and I have just renewed my membership at Port Macquarie Panthers where you can get a top notch meal and a schooner for about six bucks fifty.

It also doubles as the RSL Club and would not be a bad choice for the awards night. I know the area very well so if anyone wants any info, feel free to give me a holler.

Cassagrain winery is half an hour away, and is also a great night out. Very nice restaurant too.

The Asian restaraunt at Lighthouse Beach has one "Best Regional Asian Restaraunt" heaps of times, so it is great for a cheap night out and is outstanding.

The van park at the sailing club gets full very quickly and the cabins a very nice.

Water front are $800 a week, then 4 berth cabins are $770, 6 sleeper vans $440 and camping sites are $175 for the week.

That place is Jordans Boating Centre and Holiday Park and you can email them at windsurfport@hotmail.com and their number is 02 6583 1005.

They hire out all watersports stuff too for those not sailing.

There are also a heap of B&B's around and also the option of hiring a beach house for the week. There was one at Lighthouse Beach last year that could have fitted 12 people in it easily. I am not sure if it is still operating as a B&B or hire house, but there are a few around and it is always a good option.

Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park is the one in the heart of Port Macquarie and has sensational cabins and sites. It is a walk to everything (except the sailing club).

Lighthouse Beach Holiday Village has great cabins and sites as well, and is a little more on the quieter side and is about a 10 minute drive to the sailing club. There are camel rides there too smile.gif

Flynns Beach Villiage Resort is the old Peppermint Park, and is located across the road from Ports best swimming beach, Flynns Beach.

For those who do not know Port Macquarie Sailing Club, there are two choices of place to sail, in the river wich is great in a big blow as it is dead set as flat as a pancake through most of the course, and there is also the option to sail outside, which is always a hoot for the big boys.

The sailing club is a little out of town (5 minute drive) as is the holiday park that is attached to it. It is just past Settlement City and right on the river.

I hope this is a bit of help to you.

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