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With the F14 momentum growing and some sailors dabbling with kites on the Maricat's already, we should look at the best way to go forward if a kite is to be added.

There are two ways. You can leave it to the idividual boat owner to do anything he likes as long as it is in the F14 rules, or have a class legal kite.

In an F14 regatta, you can use anything you like as long as it is in the rules, but it would also be good to have one that is class legal, so you can have Maricat's competing against each other with kites that are the same.

Is this something that we should take to the Association, or, we could leave it for the next 12 months and see who comes up with what and also what works better than others.

Of course, kites will not be legal in a State or National Championship race, and I will be interested in what sailing clubs do to the yardstick.

Any other thoughts?

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If this is of any use, I will be running a kite on Sweet16 at Mannering Park Sailing club this season. Would be happy to provide feedback on how it goes and what it does to my handicap there? The kite I am using is about as big as is allowed under the current F14 rules at 15sq metres + standard cat rigged maricat sail. I am not intending to use a jib at this point. Anyone else having success with a kite as yet?

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hey john,

don't get too used to the speed of your kite powered mari.

I have booked my accomadation and ordered a new racing mainsail to beat you with at port macq.

hope to see you there with the rest of the gang from mannering park.

I figure if I stay in front of darcy i won't have to cross over the rear of his hulls on the finish line again.


skye kcc

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have a jib now... anyone know how to fit one? My jib is from Kevin Flower and has a zippered luff (useful since I leave my boat rigged). Any gurus out there with advice on the best way to setup a jib on a mari now?

For Port Maquarie will most likely be sailing cat rigged, since it seems there is a challenge posted earlier smile.gif

It is not so much the speed to get used to with the kite, but the additional swims...

Only just read an earlier question, the kite is new. If the association comes up with a standard for the class, I am happy to change over to whatever is suggested.

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