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Help Maricat Mast Wobble


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I have found that when sailing my maricat on some points of sail and in lumpy seas that the mast can wobble. Between waves one of the shrouds go slack allowing the mast to bang as the boat comes off the wave as the shroud takes up. The boat is rigged with four separate shrouds which I do up very tightly before leaving the beach. I have seen this problem on another maricat and the look of bewildered alarm on the skipper's face as it happens. Any suggestions do I need to do anything with the bobstay under the cross beam?

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hi Catherine

how are you tenching your rig?

i use my trap wire and harness and 80kg's of my wieght to pull mine tight. the other way if you don't have trap is to put your sail up then run your travler right out and use you main blocks to pull the tension down on the back stays. the best way is to just leave one back stay loose, put your front ones were they need to be and one back one were it needs to be, then pull down to tension the rig and put the last stay in place. your dolfin striker wire should also be tight before the mast even goes up.

hope this has been some help for you REV

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Use a little more rig tension.

I sail supersloop and when I rig, I set my forestay and one side stay where I want it and then just before heading out I tighten the other side stay.

I do this my moving the traveller all the way over to the side of the boat that I want to tighten up and pull the main sheet on hard. This will take up all the tension of the rig and pull the rig in that direction. I cleat it on and then undo to side stay and place it in the chain plate where I desire.

I can get some very serious rig tension this way.

If you would prefer not to use your sail to do this, do it before you put your main up by shackling your halyard to the boom.

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Depends on wind strength and seas and most importantly your own weight....

Tensioning the rig will prebend the mast which in turn flattens the mainsail...

stays will still go slack when going upwind mostly....

dolphin striker should be firm but not overtensioned as this can cause beam problems...

as the mari is getting old now there is problems with corrosion under the washers under the beam bolts which allows a fair bit of twist with the hull/beam platform...causing stays to go slack and other tuning problems with hull toe in etc...

I sail on Botany Bay chop and weigh in at 96kgs dry and sail with a firm rig only and may induce prebend in 20 plus knots only...

basically go one extra hole for tension in moderate conditions then maybe a 2nd hole in the heavy conditions...trial and error for you and your boat...

cheers dave

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