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Is this the boat for me...


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I've been looking at buying a trailerable catamaran, for racing and cruising, solo or with a friend.

Can i race the 4.3 two-up? I notice a super sloop arrangement, is it hard to convert the standard 4.3 to sloop rig?

I assume i can race one up with trapeze and jib, one up just main, or two up with jib and no trapeze. Is this how it works? How does the boat go with two people on board, i know it really slows a hobie 14.

I'd appreciate any feedback...

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i'm not sure about the rules with racing with 2 up with or with out trap. but we race them at our club 2 up all the time. the mai will handle 2 up a lot better than a hobie as it is a lot more bouyent. i wieght 80kg and took a guy for a sail that wieghted about 100kg and i was surprised how well the boat handeled it. rest asure that you proberly won't be winning races with 2 up though. putting a jib on easy just a little pridel on the front and a front stay. i changed mine so it only has one front not 2. proberly not class legal but i don't care. also made it so i could run my jib up and down the front stay without having to do it will rigging.


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Maybe this will help.

There are 3 classes raced in maricat association events. Cat rigged solo, Supersloop (jib and trap) solo, sloop 2 people. The association has previously allowed a solo person to race in the sloop division as he met the required weight for the 2 people. I am heading that way myself and may be eligible in a few years smile.gif

the minimum weights for each maricat class are;

Cat - 63.5 Kg (singularly)

Sloop - 108 Kg (combined)

Super Sloop - 71 Kg (singularly)

I sail cat rigged and weigh 93kg. The maricat can support weight well.

Cat rigged has 4 stays. Sloop and Supersloop sail with just a bridle in the front made up of wires 1010mm eyelet to eyelet.

Some sloops have a zipper on the luff of the jib so it can be lowered without taking the mast down. Most also use a furler (Ronstan RF76). Each of these methods is class legal. It is important to try and get the bridle wire lengths correct for racing. If you want the length to be increased then use long shackles (class legal) the other stays do not have fixed lengths and are cut to suit the mast rake required. Tensioners can be added to the stays but the mast rake can not be altered while racing.

The jib sheet blocks are allowed to be fitted anywhere that has suitable load bearng support and can use a 2:1 purchase.

Baber haulers are not allowed on the jib.

All the stays are supposed to be plastic coated. You will see discussion on this rule in other places in the forum.

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Hey Nic

At a very basic level (as i have only had my Maricat 4.3 for a few months) find that it goes really well with 2 on board, only really notice the difference with 3 on board. haven't been game enough to go solo- well only once in and out of the shore in about 15kt winds and it scared me ! So, no problems 2 up and on one hull as well

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