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damaged hull


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Hey there,

I have damaged my Maricat 4m.I used to run ruddders that were fixed into the aloy assembly, without the option to swing up.I have since changed back to the original type, anyway on my last sailing adventure the damn thing almost sank on one side as the hull which was damaged took on an enormous amout of water.My question is how do i repair the hull.The actually bracket that the pins sit in in partially pushed into the hull.And the screws are also frozen , any sugestion?are the scews actually bolts or just self tappers?How do I go at fibreglassing from behind of should I just do it from the outside?

ps I am amazed by the saling numbering system/age correlation as my boat has the number 18 sewed into the main?

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The bolts on the back of the maricat 4 and 4.3 are tapped into cast aluminium inside the hull. The aluminium is glassed in. If you are able to unscrew the bolts you can screw them back in again, this might be difficult given the age of the boat (most likely corroded).

There were not so many 4 meter maricats built as 4.3's. Probably your sail number is original which means it was roughly the 18th maricat 4 built.

A professional boat repairer would generally make the repair you require by cutting a section out of the hull in order to get to the inside/back of the boat and fix the damage. Another way is to cut a hole in the rear deck and fit a round hatch the same type as used on the middle/front deck. it is large enough to get your hand in to make the repair. Many of the 4.3's do this now and actually remove the small bung in the back at the same time (fill it with gelcoat) this stops the bung leaking and you can use the rear hatch to sponge out any water.

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