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Outhaul missing

Steven C

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What should my outhaul setup look like. I dont seem to have one apart from a eyelet mounted on the aft end of the boom at the top. There is a cleat at the front of the boom ready to receive a rope but its facing forward as if there should be a pully on the boom in front of it. The boom has a track on the top surface but no carriage.

Any ideas. (its an early 4.3)



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You will need a carriage to attach your sail to the track on top of the boom. An outhaul rope should start at the back of the boom then through a pully at the back of the carriage then through a pully/eyelet at the back of the boom then up to the cleat. When racing, some people add an extra purchase to make this a 4:1 system for easier adjustment.

Hope this helps. Someone else may know the Ronston part numbers required.

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The boom length excluding gooseneck is 2575, the sail will be about 200mm from the back of the boom when the outhaul is pulled on firm. That is enough for adjustment as the sails should not stretch that much.

Usually the sail is pulled back firm by the outhaul when sailing upwind and let off up to 100mm when sailing off the wind or reaching.

For racing we put a black band 2500 back from the gooseneck, the sail is not supposed to go back past this band. This gives a quick check that the sails are not over sized and in need of further measurement.

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