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Righting lines

Steven C

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I will let someone else answer how to correctly setup the existing righting line. On ZAX and on Sweet16 I did away with the existing system as I find it difficult to use. I replaced it with bungee cord the same as used on an uphaul for a windsurfer.

I use two bungee cords each one tied to the plate that the dolphin striker wire attaches to and then back towards the centre of the trampoline underneath. I attach this with elastic so it is very easy to get to if capsized.

The rules allow for different righting lines to be used provided they are effective.

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Hi Steven,

I also recently purchased a Maricat 4.3 On my second day out I capsized. I jumped up onto the hull grabbed the righting ropes and lent back only to find the old nylon ropes had frayed and snapped due to their age. I have replaced them with 8mm racing braid , (only $17 from Whitworths for 10m ) and all is ok now. I suggest you go to your local club and check out several boats as to how it attaches as some have now made modifications as Zax mentions. The original righting ropes start at the rear beam, travel parallel with the hull to the pulley on the dolphin striker plate, through a plastic eyelet which is attached to the pulley with elastic, back along the hull to the rear beam, through another eyelet attached with elastic to the rear beam, across the rear beam to the other hull, through another plastic eyelet attached with elastic to the rear beam, then runs parallel with he hull to a pulley attached to the dolphin striker plate, through a plastic eyelet attached with elastic and then back along the hull to be tied off on the rear beam. This sounds very long winded but is quite simple when you see one set-up. It starts and finishes at the rear beam. There should be one piece of elastic for each hull, tied off through a hole on the pulley, just above the pulley carriage, on the front dolphin striker plate and the rear elastic is feed through a plastic eyelet attached to the rear beam and then tied off with another plastic eyelet that your righting rope will be fed through. You will need four plastic eyelets/rings ( two for each hull attached at the rear beams. The righting rope travells through the other eyelet when making it's return from the front beam as it then turns and proceeds along the rear cross beam to the other hull. Two lengths of elastic cord to run down each hull and approx 10m of rope, this will be more than enough rope, I think the actual lenght is more like 7m.

Hope this helps.

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