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Breadens are back


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what? super sloop? .....LOL

can't hack cat rigged?.....LOL

Is "Sweet 16" beating you too convincingly?

oh well glad to see some more Maricatters on the scene...

A good time should be had by all at Toukley.

On & off the water, the more the merrier. Any more cliches I can use?

keep on "Maricattin"

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Hi there Wacka,

Maybe you should come on down to Koonawarra and see how you are going amongst the 14' fleet?

Hope you can make it

love to see you there to keep up the maricat numbers and show these windrushes a thing or two.

Good practice for easter......

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Hi Wacka,

I remember Steve and Peter quite well, if you really must sail one of those Super Sloops I guess ZAX could accomodate your wish to race one of the old farts at the States, I am sure that Bob and others would only be too happy to have some extra competition there also smile.gif

cheers !

PS. Can someone lend me a jib at Easter?

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