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Need help with Jib Block


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I am trying to rig a jib to my Maricat 4.3, but am unsure of where to fix the jib blocks.

I have bought a short track (around 30cm) for each side, but am unsure where to mount it on the front beam.

Due to the bolts holding the beam to the hulls, I have to choose whether to fix the track on the outside of the bolts, above the hulls, or on the inside, in front of the trampoline.

Does anyone know where the best place to fit the track would be?

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Should be mounted on the inside in front of the trampoline if you have an older smaller cut jib.

Usually the track is mounted forward of the side stays on each side of the boat attached by rivets or screws on the outer most side of the aluminium strip that hold the trampoline on. holes are actually drilled into the aluminium strip for this.

Previously when smaller jibs were used the track was mounted on the front beam on either side about midway between the mast base and the inner most beam bolt.

when you rig your boat, if the foot of the jib comes back past the front beam then you have the current sized larger jib and would need to mount the tracks as I have said first. Some people rather not use a track and jsut use a single saddle on each side to mount the jib blocks i.e. no adjustable.

On my boat I just have the jib block attached to the tramp roughly inline with the hiking straps. so there is various places you can mount the jib blocks to suit your rig.

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